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[VID]Bitcoin_Crypto Crash Explained with August Bradley on MIND & MACHINE-QxaohZIH61E.mp42019-01-14 14:02 75M 
[VID]Extracts from Hans Rosling's 'The Joy of Stats'-EjIsmsLJ-iw.mp42019-01-14 14:01 262M 
[VID]Fractals - Coherent Chaos with Anders Hjemdahl on MIND & MACHINE-bUp7IK7XcdM.mp42019-01-14 13:58 543M 
[VID]Hans Rosling - 200 years in 4 minutes - BBC News-Z8t4k0Q8e8Y.mp42019-01-14 14:05 24M 
[VID]How not to be ignorant about the world _ Hans and Ola Rosling-Sm5xF-UYgdg.mp42019-01-14 13:51 104M 
[VID]Neuromorphic Computing, AI Chips Emulating the Brain with Kelsey Scharnhorst on MIND & MACHINE-NM7hdDZN2YI.mp42019-01-14 14:05 214M 
[VID]STEM Education - Developing 21st century problem solvers-Xi2Qm87kC7o.mp42019-01-14 13:52 67M 
[VID]STEM Education Overview (Based on 'STEM Lesson Essentials' book)-FCijW7ikeYQ.mp42019-01-14 13:50 22M 
[VID]STEM Integration in K-12 Education-AlPJ48simtE.mp42019-01-14 13:49 30M 
[VID]The best stats you've ever seen _ Hans Rosling-hVimVzgtD6w.mp42019-01-14 14:08 189M