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Inspiration: What's the fuss about content delivery?

  1. Is it possible to facilitate spaced learning via format of content delivery?
  2. Impedence matching: matching the average attention span to learning epocs
  3. Textbooks do not usually contain multimedia content
  4. Diffucult for textbooks to facilitate spaced learning episodes (15 min) or suggest a study break beyond study intervals driven by one's average attention span
  5. Textbooks updated infrequently
  6. Multimedia facilitates learning (by seeing and hearing)
  7. USB thumbdrives are ubiquitious, light weight and easily portable
  8. USB thumbdrives provide a portable media for integrating learning resources
  9. Most browsers can "play" a thumbdrive web (HTML) file
  10. USB Thumbdrives can be easily synced to update or repair corrupted files
  11. USB Thumbdrives can be encrypted for security of notes and learning resources
  12. USB thumbdrives are Suitable for anytime, anywhere learning portable
  13. USB thumbdrives enable "offline" access to learnng material and integration with notes