Photo Adventures with Curiosity and Learning

Here you can find an assortment of videos of Natasha, the golden silk spider, in her daily routine. Click on the thumbnails below to watch these videos of Natasha.
Videos of Natasha
A video of Natasha weaving radial and circumferential compoenents of her web.

(10 mb)
Here Natasha flips over the top of the web and later catches a fly.

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Here Natasha appears to wash after a rainstorm.

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See Natasha in nighttime action with a new acrobatic move.

(15 mb)
Natasha Repairing her Web, Weaving, Talking, Eating
October 3 - Wrapping and Preparing a Fly for Breakfast
October 4 - Catching a Fly, Reinforcing my Web, and Breakfast
A Variety of Behaviors (Including Weaving)
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