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April 03, 2016: Two Raccoon appeared - maybe Susan, the girl

Bebe's cafe

apr 03 9180 bebes cafe

Alert -

apr 02 9189 alert

Two of the kids showed up

Test takedown of video with Josh Starmer's composition - smooth tunes for raccoons

Posted by Frank Starmer on Monday, April 4, 2016

They are more or less politely sharing

apr 02 9201 sharing

One drinks after washing hands and food

apr 02 9225 drinking


apr 03 9226 searching

Two kids

apr 02 9228 two kids

Feisty behavior at the breakfast table, then peace

More interesting behavior - They are quite tentative with me - but become comfortable (as demonstrated in the below...

Posted by Frank Starmer on Sunday, April 3, 2016

Departing and sniffing around their birthplace (tree home)

apr 03 9232 nostalgia sniffing birthplace


apr 03 9239 departing

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