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April 12, 2015: Lyssomanes viridis, Neoscona crucifera, Tetragnatha sp.

Dolomedes tenebrosus (Fishing spider) that I've never seen fishing. She is always mounted on the side of this tree

apr 12 7137 dolomedes

I walk around with a flashlight on my forward - a great insect magnet. Here a Neoscona crucifera just caught breakfast and is wrapping her meal

apr 12 7146 neoscona wrapping

A good view of the ribbon of silk being extruded

apr 12 7147 neoscona wrapping

Extruding a complex ribbon

apr 12 7149 neoscona wrapping strands

Tetragnatha waiting for breakfast

apr 12 7168 tetragnatha sp

Here is breakfast - a death kiss

apr 12 7184 tetragnatha death kiss


apr 12 7186 tetragnatha sp capture

Wrapping breakfast

apr 12 7191 tetragnatha wrapping initial

Extruding a few parallel silk strands

apr 12 7197 tetragnatha sp wrapping strands

Close view of extruding a ribbon of silk

apr 12 7197 tetragnatha sp wrapping strands close

Tetragnatha extruding and wrapping

apr 12 7199 tetragnatha sp wrapping strands

Tetragnatha extruding and wrapping

apr 12 7202 tetragnatha sp wrapping

Checking out breakfast

apr 12 7205 tetragnatha wrapping


apr 12 7215 mosquito

Jumping spider retina (Lyssomanes retina)

apr 12 7239 lyssomanes retina

No Retina visable

apr 12 7251 lyssomanes no retina

Associating retinal movement with medial eye color changes

Female (black abdomen)Lyssomanes retina

apr 12 7270 female lyssomanes retina

Black Lyssomanes - possibly female

apr 12 7272 black lyssomanes female maybe

Translucent abdomen Lyssomanes pre-male

apr 12 7278 pre male lyssomanes

Quiet morning

apr 12 7233 morning

Pre-dawn sounds near my spider laboratory

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