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April 16, 2015: Lyssomanes viridis and a skipper

An interesting red skipper (I think).

apr 16 7531 red skipper

Note transparent wings

apr 16 7538 orange skipper

Front view - proboscis and antennae

apr 16 7546 orange skipper

Eyes of a skipper

apr 16 7574 orange skipper eyes


apr 16 7580 midge

Blue heron at dawn

apr 16 7659 blue heron

apr 16 7662 colorful morning

Internal retina (dark region under the front lateral eye and behind the medial eye

apr 16 7677 internal retina

Visualizing the internal retinal movement

No visible internal retina (absence of dark region under the white line of hair

apr 16 7679 no visible internal retina

Visible internal retina

apr 16 7682 internal retina

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