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April 17, 2015: Lyssomanes viridis and a leaf hopper


apr 17 7703 tetragnatha

Tetragnatha - note two rows of 4 eyes - in contrast to jumping spiders that have two prominent anterior median eyes, two anterior lateral eyes above the median eyes, two posterior lateral eyes and two small small eyes behind the anterior lateral eyes

apr 17 7704 tetragnatha

Lyssomanes viridis dark eye because his left (this is a male) eye is looking at the camera lens. Behind the left eye is a dark region that I think is the retina associated with the left eye

apr 17 7710 male Lyssomanes viridis visible retina

Another Tetragnatha

apr 17 7716 tetragnatha

A midge with some sort of mite toward the posterior aspect of her abdomen

apr 17 7726 unknown insect

Tetragnatha captures a small insect

apr 17 7728 tetragnatha death dance

Blue winged something

apr 17 7753 blue leaf hopper

Blue winged something

apr 17 7813 blue leaf hopper

My home lab setup - a small peanut jar from Edelweiss Airlines used as a specimen container - with the male Lyssomanes viridis on top and a collection of grape, sweet bay magnolia and live oak leaves

apr 17 7902 setup

A video of the his behavior - here cleaning his fangs - while scanning the surroundings with his Anterior Median Eyes - watch the multi tasking -as his retinas move

At first I though the fangs (attached to his hug jaws) were embolus injectors for injecting sperm into the female - but realized these were his fangs for injecting toxin into his prey

apr 17 7824 L viridis folded embolus injectors

More multi tasking cleaning front legs and fangs - while scanning with his anterior median eyes for possible prey

Still image of fang cleaning - note the location of the retina in his left eye

apr 17 7827 L viridis palps injectors unfolded

More fang cleaning and note the location of the retina in his right eye

apr 17 7830 L viridis injector detail

A closer view

apr 17 7832 male Lyssomanes viridis injectors

A video of retinal movement

A better video of internal retinal movement

A sequence of images showing variability in anterior median eye lens color (dark = visible retina, green = internal retina pointed away from the camera

apr 17 7835 Lyssomanes viridis fang injectors

Looking from below

apr 17 7840 L viridis male anterior

Both lenses dark

apr 17 7845 L viridis edge

Close view of right lens and right internal retina. Also seen is one of the tiny eyes above and between the lateral anterior and posterior eyes

apr 17 7865 anterior male L viridis

One eye looking at me

apr 17 7882 male L viridis anterior

Meet the male Lyssomanes viridis

apr 17 7888 male lyssomanes viridis lateral

His is on top of my collection tube

apr 17 7908 L viridis palps injectors jaws

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