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August 9, 2007:Singapore National Day

This was a fun evening. With the ANZA group, we had dinner and watched the fireworks from the Cheng Ho. Cheng Ho, we discovered during our adventure to Melaka, played a critical role in the development of Chinese trade via water routes. I took a few videos of the waterfront and then some video segments of the fireworks. Taking photos from a rocking boat is an adventure in itself, and then post processing the images to remove motion artifact is an even more interesting challenge.
With Craig and Dee Ann, we started from Queenstown MRT about 4:45 thinking the MRT would be the best way to get there. Well when we got to the platform, the MRT was wall-to-wall (literally) people. Three of us managed to fit at one entrance while I ran to another entrance and barely made it. Then changing at Outram and to Harbor Front and ANZA

The Cheng Ho - our dinner table and viewing platform for the evening

aug 09 5970 cheng ho

The dining room -

aug 09 5977 dining

Part of Harbor Front

aug 09 5982 harbor front

From the top deck of the Cheng Ho

aug 09 5985 top cheng ho

Looking back at the loading docks

aug 09 5986 looking back

Our sister Cheng Ho

aug 09 5991 cheng ho sister


aug 09 6003 leaving

A view of Harbor Front as we left

aug 09 6004 harbor front

And a small cable stay bridge (of course). Why of course? Visit Building the Ravenel Bridge to find out

aug 09 6007 bridge

Above, the Singapore flag was part of an aerial parade

aug 09 6016 flag

Another view

aug 09 6021 flag

The Cheng Ho

aug 09 6024 cheng ho

and more of the flying flag

aug 09 6030 flag

The flag over the harbor

aug 09 6032 flag harbor


aug 09 6072 singapore


aug 09 6075 singapore

Now there is not much light and the rocking boat makes for slightly blurred photos

aug 09 6090 singapore blur

And Singapore at night

aug 09 6098 singapore night

The videos of the fireworks are above - here are a few frames

aug 09 frame 032 aug 09 frame 184

aug 09 frame 347 aug 09 frame 387

aug 09 frame 519 aug 09 frame 698

See you next year

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