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August 24, 2013 Back home to Singapore via SQ 479

From South Lodge to the Airport (4:30 am). This was an adventure. We booked a friend's friend to take me. The previous day, he took us to Zantel - to speak with their engineers about my mobile medicine project. I noted his fuel gauge registered 0 - but thought, oh well, its broken. But on the way to the Dar es Salaam airport - we ran out of fuel. Must be a regular event. The driver flagged down a motorcycle guy who sold him 1 L of petrol - disconnected the fuel line from his tank and filled a 1 L milk bottle. We poured this into the car (taxi) and it started (nice). We then drove another kilometer (see break in the magenta line - where we pulled under the roof of the station) to a petrol station, and promptly added 5000 TS of petrol (3.28 L). I got to the airport - no problem. But the next client, who knows.

I was not able to get a window seat - so no GPS tracks from Dar es Salaam to Johannesburg. Here is the flight path of SQ 479 - sort of my home away from home - from Johannesburg to Changi. I actually slept. Wonderful crew - both on the flight deck as well as in the cabins.

Altitude Profile, SQ 479 - Altitude from my Garmin GPS is off by about 800 meters

Altitude Profile, SQ 479

Comparing flight paths of SQ 478 (To Johannesburg) with SQ 479 (from Johannesburg)

The captain make a few photos and video of the cockpit area. Lighting was not great - but nice photos and reminder of a nice flight.

Inside the Cockpit


aug 24 152254 instruments

Center console

aug 24 152340 center console

Nice fuzzy captain's chair

aug 24 152434 fuzzy pilot chair

Instruments with a bit of distant clutter on the radar

aug 24 152439 777 instruments

aug 24 152626 radar distant clutter

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