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December 01, 2014: Oxyopes makeing a blanket for her eggs

A surprise this morning. Was walking past the pond (below) to the rice fields and found an Oxyopes completing her egg laying

dec 01 0042 water tower

Here she is with her eggs

dec 01 0023 oxyopes eggs

And apparently weaving a cover blanket

dec 01 0047 weaving cover blanket

Video of the weaving

Guarding her eggs

dec 01 0054 oxyopes guarding

More guarding

dec 01 0111 oxyopes guarding

Here spinnerets - where small ribbon of silk is being extruded

dec 01 0179 oxyopes spinerettes


dec 01 0199 oxyopes guarding

Covering her eggs with a silk blanket (note the narrow ribbon of silk at her spinneret

dec 01 0206 oxyopes covering eggs

Walking back - A butterfly

dec 01 0219 butterfly

And prepping the rice field for planting

dec 01 0231 pre planting rice

Betty Shelton's VOCM church

dec 01 0235 vocm church

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