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December 09, 2015: Three baby raccoons and a two story home

I walk to this tree each morning about 6:30 and mom usually looks at me - sort of checking me out

dec 09 1095 mom looking at me

Two of the young ones (there are three)

dec 09 1133 two baby raccoons looking

The babies are practice climbing on the inside of the tree

dec 09 1137 baby climbing

More practice

dec 09 1140 baby climbing

and more practice

dec 09 1145 baby raccoon

Mom climbs to the 2nd level of her home and looks out to me

dec 09 1156 mom looking

Here are both windows (level 1 and level 2)

dec 09 1168 mom baby

Mom looking out from above, and one of the kids looking out from below

dec 09 1176 mom baby

Mom looking down, the kid looking up

dec 09 1177 mom baby

Here is a video of her exit. At about 17 sec, one of the kids looks out

Mom emerging from her two story home - while baby watches (at about 17 sec). she turns around, checks on me and then leaves.

Posted by Frank Starmer on Wednesday, December 9, 2015
A tail of two raccoons (mom and one of the kids)

dec 09 1183 tail of 2 raccoons

Two heads and a tail

dec 09 1194 tail and 2 heads

Mom and one of the kids

dec 09 1212 mom baby


dec 09 1218 no room

Mom looking at me

dec 09 1276 looking at me

She leaves and climbs up and over to look for breakfast

dec 09 1288 mom walking

Checking me out

dec 09 1298 looking at me

Walking on a limb

dec 09 1299 mom walking

Eating something

dec 09 1348 mom outside

Mom and her tongue

dec 09 1381 raccoon tongue

Mom and her teeth

dec 09 1390 raccoon teeth

Walking back there was a blue heron

dec 09 1432 blue heron

Face of a blue heron

dec 09 1446 blue heron

Blue heron fishing

dec 09 1456 blue heron hunting

Water dropping from her beak

dec 09 1458 blue heron dripping

Looking and waiting

dec 09 1460 blue heron dripping

She tried to catch something

dec 09 1465 blue heron dripping

SOmething in her mouth

dec 09 1471 blue heron eating

Talking to me

dec 09 1479 blue heron mouth

Talking to someone else

dec 09 1484 blue heron eating


dec 09 1500 blue heron fishing

Face of a blue heron

dec 09 1587 blue heron face

I spooked her - takeoff

dec 09 1622 takeoff


dec 09 1624 blue heron takeoff

Approach to landing

dec 09 1628 blue heron flying

Landing gear down

dec 09 1630 blue heron landing


dec 09 1631 blue heron landing

Blue heron and 2 ducks

dec 09 1645 blue heron ducks

Reflections of a blue heron

dec 09 1656 blue heron reflection

Reflections of a blue heron

dec 09 1665 blue heron reflection

Two ducks and a heron

dec 09 1674 blue heron two ducks

Face of a blue heron

dec 09 1697 blue heron face

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