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December 13, 2015: Mom raccoon and the kids

This morning I was early - and she was nursing her kids. She lays on her back and the kids crawl over her stomach and start taking milk. Her behavior is amazing. Here she is on her back with two kids nursing

dec 13 2082 mom babies nursing

The three babies and mom's ears

dec 13 2103 mom 3 babies

Mom and one of the babies

dec 13 2115 mom baby

Mom and two of the babies

dec 13 2127 mom 2 babies

Mom and baby

dec 13 2129 mom baby

Video of Mom's exit

Mom leaves the kids for breakfast

Mom Raccoon exiting her home. At about 6 min she climbs the tree and crosses over the path to a tree on the opposite side of her home. Then climbs down to another branch and crosses back over the path, then down to the ground and breakfast. The kids seem to use her feeding time as play time for themselves.

Posted by Frank Starmer on Sunday, December 13, 2015

Babies playing - practice climbing

dec 13 2149 babies playing

Two kids playing

dec 13 2158 3 babies

Video of the kid's playroom while mom is away

While mom is out eating breakfast - the kids practice climbing inside the tree - they are not very good - so I suspect mom thinks its too soon to take them out. I agree

Posted by Frank Starmer on Sunday, December 13, 2015

More practice climbing

dec 13 2165 inside baby playing

Before re-entering her home - she rests outside

dec 13 2175 mom resting

Video of returning home - pulling chubby self through the front door, rolls over the kids and restarts nursing

After breakfast - mom returns home and resumes nursing the kids

Posted by Frank Starmer on Sunday, December 13, 2015

then enters and the kids start nursing again

dec 13 2182 mom baby nursing

dec 13 2192 mom baby nursing

Baby nursing

dec 13 2205 baby nursing

Baby nursing

dec 13 2212 baby nursing

Mom grooming a baby while he/she nurses

dec 13 mom grooming baby nursing

Two fishermen

dec 13 2243 fishermen

Osprey - looking for breakfast. I learned yesterday that if I walk close to her tree - she takes off - so this morning, I was set up for continuous focus to try to capture her flight

dec 13 2245 osprey looking

Landing gear down attached to the limb

dec 13 2246 osprey takeoff

Takeoff and landing gear down

dec 13 2248 osprey flying

Flying and retracting landing gear

dec 13 2249 osprey flying

Landing gear fully retracted - Osprey in flight

dec 13 2251 osprey landing gear up flying

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