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December 15, 2015: Mom raccoon and the hyper-active kids

The context - the tree with 1st and 2nd story windows / doors and 2 kids looking out

dec 14 2305 tree

Yesterday she watched me in this almost standing position

dec 14 2281 mom sitting watching

The climbed up the tree

dec 14 2288 climbing

To her resting place

dec 14 2290 mom resting

She continued across the tree to find a place to sleep

dec 14 2297 mom on move


dec 14 2307 mom resting

and soon, sleep (eyes are closed)

dec 14 2328 mom sleeping

This morning - the kids are all over the place. Here is poor mom with a kiddlet tail in her nose

dec 15 2339 mom feet baby tail

and babies climbing all over the place

dec 15 2350 baby climbing

Mom trying to nurse the kids

dec 15 2363 baby nursing

She is on her back with kids on her stomach for nursing

dec 15 2377 mom feeding

Another view of one of the nursing - mom using her legs to stabilize herself

dec 15 2381 baby nursing

Its quite crowded - here is a video

Mom and her 3 kids - a very crowded home. Here you can see the kids crawling all over mom as she tries to nurse them

Posted by Frank Starmer on Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Mom and one of the kids

dec 15 2408 mom baby

Mom and a baby

dec 15 2418 mom baby

Mom exercises the right of supply-side feeding instead of demand-driven feeding. Here, mom is grabbing the kids by their neck and encouraging them to nurse

Mom believes in supply-based feeding, not demand-based feeding. I've brought breakfast and she is anxious to finish feeding the kids so she can enjoy a quiet breakfast - but the kids are not cooperating. So she not-so-gently picks them up by the back of their neck and drops them on her stomach for nursing. I don't think she was successful -

Posted by Frank Starmer on Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Mom and two babies

dec 15 2421 two babies mom

One baby looking out the level 2 window while mom looks down from the front door

dec 15 2431 baby level2 mom level1

a bit crowded - 4 is too many

dec 15 2438 4 is a crowd

Here she is with two babies

dec 15 2474 two babies

And then departs for breakfast

Mom leaves for breakfast as the kids start playing

This morning - the babies are super-active. Climbing all over mom. Here as she leaves for breakfast, one watches from the level 2 window while others watch from the front door

Posted by Frank Starmer on Tuesday, December 15, 2015

returning from breakfast

dec 15 2507 mom returning

Climbing to her resting place

dec 15 2517 mom resting

And going to sleep (eyes closed)

dec 15 2526 mom sleeping

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