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December 16, 2015: Afternoon lunch with Ms. Raccoon

She was too tired this morning for breakfast - came and inspected and returned to her sleeping spot

Close quarters for sleeping

dec 15 4083 close quarters sleeping

Mom and baby

dec 16 4094 mom baby

One of the babies

dec 16 4099 baby

Two babies and a tale

dec 16 4150 2 babies and tale


dec 16 4168 mom

Baby looking out

dec 16 4172 baby looking out


dec 16 4176 mom

Very crowded

dec 16 4190 crowded


dec 16 4197 mom

dec 16 4207 mom baby

Heads or tail?

dec 16 4213 heads or tails

Two babies

dec 16 4224 two babies

dec 16 4227 mom baby

Three babies

dec 16 4229 three babies

The family

dec 16 4244 family

Looking at me

dec 16 4279 looking at me

dec 16 4312 mom baby

Mom and 2 babies

dec 16 4328 mom 2 babies

Perhaps the best mom baby shot

dec 16 4373 mom baby good

mom and baby

dec 16 4397 mom baby

Mom leaves home for lunch

This morning - mom was too tired to do anything but feed her kids and find a comfortable part of the tree for sleeping. She skipped breakfast. This afternoon (2pm) I returned and she was feeding her rambunctious kids - they were all over the place. After a while she noticed me - and left her home (this video) with kids peaking out of the front door. A fun time in the life of this raccoon family

Posted by Frank Starmer on Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Mom outside

dec 16 4427 mom outside

Mom on the move

dec 16 4437 mom on move

Mom on the move

dec 16 4438 mom on move

Mom having lunch

dec 16 4450 mom lunch

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