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December 19, 2007:A new weaving spider

This is a new spider, Araneus mitificus She builds an incomplete orb web and also a small hut by weaving a layer of silk between the edges of a blade of grass. The first video below shows her starting her small hut. The last video catches a bit of last minute clean-up before entering her hut and waiting.

I returned to the Parawixia web and sure enough, she was completing her night of hunting and preparing for a day of sleep. Something interesting, though - two small insects - perhaps aphids? One is attached to her right 1st leg and the other is to the right of her left 1st leg

dec 19 9569 parawixia 2 bugs

Here they are absent

dec 19 9570 parawixia

Two lady bugs - mating?

dec 19 9576 lady bug mating

While packing up from the Parawixia adventure, I saw this tiny white spot walking around a blade of grass and then repeating the pattern. A close look revealed that she was weaving a mesh between two edges of a blade of grass. But I don't know why

dec 19 9583 start

Here she is weaving - gluing a strand first to the left edge and then the right edge. The video above illustrates this nicely. Notice the reflection of the sky on her cephalothorax. Wish it were clearer.

dec 19 9589 weaving

Then she crawls under the mess and weaves something upside down

dec 19 9593 under

Another view

dec 19 9599 weaving underneath

This is the top of her whatever

dec 19 9602 top

And this is a blade of grass in the way

dec 19 9615 bottom

Later, you can see the progress of the mesh

dec 19 9620 inside

Weaving under pointed up

dec 19 9625 weaving under

and weaving under, pointed down

dec 19 9626 weaving under

then at the bottom

dec 19 9628 side bottom

a closer view. Note her size compared with the dew drops

a closer view

dec 19 9628 side weaving

Here she is weaving near the top

dec 19 9631 weaving inside

I reset the tripod and tried to look more into the folded blade

dec 19 9641 inside top

Here she is outside

dec 19 9642 top coccoon

She looks around, checks on a few things and then returns into her new home

dec 19 9645 front door

As she passes through the front door

dec 19 9647 inside

More upsidedown weaving

dec 19 9652 inside weaving

a closer view

dec 19 9655 inside

Her spinneret

dec 19 9660 spinneret

Another view of her spinneret

dec 19 9669 inside spinneret

Leaving by the top (front door)

dec 19 9673 exit top

Working near the back door (bottom)

dec 19 9719 inside side

More weaving

dec 19 9726 inside

A closer look as she sleeps

dec 19 9740 inside dorsal

And a collapsed web with a string of pearls

dec 19 9745 web drops

More peals

dec 19 9750 web drops

And a white flower

dec 19 9766 white

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