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December 21, 2015: Mom raccoon and the kids

Blue Heron (as we walked to the raccoon nest)

dec 21 3190 blue heron

Mom waiting for breakfast

dec 21 3192 mom

Mom departing for breakfast

Dec 21. Grandkids with me today (Jacob and Rachel) and I am hoping that Mom raccoon will exit on cue (breakfast appearing). She did - and here are the results. After our time with the raccoon family, it was time to visit Thann Sambath, Annie, Sandy and Ceta (? maybe spelled wrong) and Hole in One Donuts - Jacob wanted an apple fritter, Rachel wanted two crinkle donuts and I wanted a dozen glazed for Jack and Lisa's family

Posted by Frank Starmer on Monday, December 21, 2015

Mom having breakfast

dec 21 3216 mom breakfast

Three kids posing for me

dec 21 3234 three kids

Kids playing while mom is out

While mom is out, the kids will play. Here they are playing upstairs-downstairs - climbing up and peeking out the 2nd story window

Posted by Frank Starmer on Monday, December 21, 2015

Two kids

dec 21 3235 two kids


dec 21 3257 babies playing


dec 21 3263 baby looking

After a while - the kids went to sleep - Here is an inside view


Jack brought a Virb thing (from Garmin) that has a super camera and gps. He mounted it on the end of a 16' extension tube (for painting) and one of my CREE flashlights. The light was too bright - so tomorrow we'll replace with a less bright flashlight. Here we are counting how many baby raccoons live in their home

Posted by Frank Starmer on Monday, December 21, 2015

Mom walking home after breakfast. She takes a circuitous route home - crossing the path, up a tree - jumps to another tree and finally crosses back over the path to her nesting tree

dec 21 3274 walking home

Walking home

dec 21 3276 walking home

More walking home

dec 21 3284 going home

Climbing home

dec 21 3287 climbing

Checking out

dec 21 3288 climbing

Crossing trees and back across the path

dec 21 3298 climbing

A balancing act

dec 21 3300 climbing

More balancing

dec 21 3303 returning home

Here resting spot

dec 21 3332 watching me


dec 21 3348 resting

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