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Decenber 23-26, 2007: Eastern and Oriental Express

Here is a Google Map of the GPS tracks from Singapore to Bangkok, our taxi ride to the hotel, the river taxi ride up and down the Chao Phraya river and the initial segment of the Eastern and Orient Express. The map is active, thanks to the Google API - so you can drag and zoom to see the details. Enjoy.

Riding with the Eastern and Orient Express - every 10 m - 1 km

The image from Google Earth of our trip. The blue line is our SQ flight from Singapore to Bangkok and the green line is the route of the Eastern and Oriental Express from Bangkok to Singapore. Click the map to view with Google Earth.

Flight and railway
    tracks of Singapore - Bangkok - Singapore

Of course - what is life without Flat Jacob? - at the Shearton Christmas Tree (Bangkok)

dec 23 8127 bangkok christmas tree

checking out from the Sheraton

dec 23 8129 sheraton flat jacob

The Bangkok Railway Station

dec 23 8142 afternoon railway station

The Eastern and Oriental Express

dec 25 0652 e and o symbol

For real

dec 25 0651 e and o

Our room with a view (without us)

dec 25 0534 our room

Our room with us (with breakfast - always yummy)

dec 25 0491 frank bean

Our friends - Pam and Malcolm, dinner during the first evening

Pam and Malcolm

We traveled between our compartment, the observation car, the piano lounge and the dining car. Always experiencing close encounters of the 1st kind in the coridors

dec 25 0530 pullman passage

We passed through many small towns - here Nong Hin

dec 24 0394 nong hin

We visited the river Kwai - early morning

dec 24 9850 morning kwai

and the Bridge over the River Kwai

dec 24 9916 kwai bridge

We passed many padi (rice) fields

dec 25 0507 clouds ricefields

and from time to time just enjoyed looking back

dec 25 0522 looking back

There was an oportunity for dinner for two (Ellen's birthday dinner)

dec 25 0549 dinner for two

and with new friends

dec 25 0548 dinner

Ellen and the E and O

dec 24 9910 ellen eando

Ellen in Pulau Penang

dec 25 0558 ellen penang

Last leg - morning bridge north of Johor

dec 26 0691 morning bridge

This is the real Eastern and Oriental Express going home (to Singapore)

dec 26 0712 early morning

The secret of the Eastern and Orient Express is the staff. Smiles, support, anticipation - they do it all. Animated chef and sous chefs

dec 26 0656 oe animated chefs

The Piano Lounge with a smile!!!

dec 26 0654 oe piano lounge

Here is our man, Chaiya - making our trip even more pleasant

dec 25 0653 chaiya

Another surprised staff

dec 26 0657 staff

Piano bar staff - where people meet, mix and enjoy the evening

dec 25 0544 christmas staff

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