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December 24, 2007: The River Kwai

The track from Bangkok to the river Kwai, back and then south. The green track is that of the E and O. The cyan track is that of our SQ inbound flight.

O and E from Bangkok
     to the river Kwai

Here is a more details presentation of track to the river Kwai, then parallel and following the river, and then returning at sunrise.

O and E from Bangkok
to the river Kwai

Thai countryside

dec 24 9883 thai countryside

Thai morning

dec 24 9884 morning

A morning field

dec 24 9890 morning field

A morning swim

dec 24 9903 morning swim

Ellen and the E and O

dec 24 9910 ellen eando

The narrative of the Bridge story

dec 24 9911 kwai description

The bridge over the river Kwai

dec 24 9913 kwai bridge

dec 24 9916 kwai bridge

dec 24 9923 kwai bridge

dec 24 9929 river kwai

The Thai Burma Railway Museum

dec 24 9956 thai burma rr museum

The cemetary of the bridge pow workers

dec 24 9951 kwai cemetary

The cemetary story

dec 24 9955 kwai cemetary story

A cemetary flower

dec 24 9947 kwai flower

A yellow cemetary flower

dec 24 9950 yellow flower

A fun boat on the river Kwai

dec 24 9936 thai fun boat

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