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December 24, 2009: Sunrise on Ellen's Birthday

We left Saigon yesterday and arrived at our favorite escape, Anthony and Fiona'a Sojourn. We stayed here last year and simply fell in love with the place and the staff. So back this year. Its Ellen's birthday and Fiona has been working on a special dining experience. We were absolutely not disappointed as you'll see. Here is early morning outside Siem Reap at the Treak Village

dec 24 2675 early morning

Watering the garden at 6:30 AM - Check the videos above

dec 24 2749 morning water

Morning watering

dec 24 2754 morning water


dec 24 2766 sunrise


dec 24 2773 sunrise


dec 24 2794 sunrise

Rice fields

dec 24 2802 rice fields

There is an ice plant next to the rice field - and early in the morning you can see the steam rising from the heat exchanger coils

dec 24 2806 ice plant

Ice Plant runoff

dec 24 2808 ice plant water

Hmmm - a bicycle built for 6

dec 24 2843 bicycle built for 6

A bicycle built for 2

dec 24 2845 bicycle built for 2

A bicycle built for 1

dec 24 2851 bicycle built for 1

Morning cows

dec 24 2847 morning cows

Morning traffic

dec 24 2853 morning traffic

A month

dec 24 2855 monk

With offering

dec 24 2859 monk offering

The sign indicating the road home

dec 24 2860 sojourn sign

The road home

dec 24 2863 road home


dec 24 2867 cleanup

Road home

dec 24 2870 road home

Sokhune's infectous morning smile

dec 24 2875 sukon morning smile close

Wide angle view of Sokhune's morning smile

dec 24 2875 sukon morning smile

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