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Feb 14, 2009: Off to Mapur Island

It all started with Lina - today in pink and resting on coconuts. She and Florence manage the Sea Sport program at Bintan Agro Beach - so if you would like to know something, ask Lina (left) or Florence (right) (but remember to smile)

feb 14 2751 lina feb 14 2752 florence

Florence and me and my goofy snorkelling hat

feb 14 2754 florence frank

Frank without his goofy snorkelling hat and Lina and the light

feb 13 2480 frank lina sunset

The water was really quite calm - as shown with the reflection

feb 14 2765 calm water

So I jumped in and here is a sea urchin

feb 14 2787 sea urchin

Some sort of fan

feb 14 2822 fan

and fish

feb 14 2827 fish

and green coral

feb 14 2833 green coral

Two sea urchins the pentagonal white does are always perfectly organized.

feb 14 2839 sea urchin

Giant clam and green coral

feb 14 2840 giant clam green coral

Two sea urchins

feb 14 2854 2 urchins

Blue giant clam

feb 14 2867 giant clam

Reef fish

feb 14 2874 reef fish

Two of them

feb 14 2893 2 fish

Jumari and Hari

feb 14 2950 jumari hari

The water, the coral and the coming rain

feb 14 2964 rain coral

The anemone - showing the membrane, attachment and fingers

feb 14 2982 anemonae

Here is the rain - part of my study of water drops. I did not think I would study rain drops, though

feb 14 2983 rain


feb 14 2984 anemonae

A clown fish - Nemo fish as the guys call them

feb 14 3008 nemo

Clown fish sea urchin and anemone

feb 14 3020 nemo anemonae


feb 14 3029 anemonae

A baby Nemo

feb 14 3031 little nemo

Probably the mom with the little one

feb 14 3041 sharp nemos

The little nemo

feb 14 3042 little nemo

the big one

feb 14 3054 nemo full

Some sort of tan coral

feb 14 3062 tan coral

A black fish with white dots and black dots inside the white dots

feb 14 3066 black white fish

Another tan coral

feb 14 3073 tan coral

Red and green coral

feb 14 3074 red green coral

The rain

feb 14 3076 rain

Hari and Jumari

feb 14 3079 hari jumari


feb 14 3084 frank

Jumari (or maybe Hari - I get confused)

feb 14 3087 jumari

Hari (I think)

feb 14 3088 hari

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