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January 1, 2008:Spider searches on New Years Day

This was a surprise. I located the Parawixia web several weeks ago and she continues to appear there - hunting by night and soon after sun-up, she leaves her web. Sunday I found an Argiope close by. Today I returned, both were there, and while setting up to study the Argiope she disappeared behind a leaf - and when I looked, there was a Miagrammopes just twisting in the breeze. (Next day, 2 Jan, 2008) - well the Miagrammopes was not a Miagrammopes at all, but a twig disguised as a Miagrammpoes. What a way to start 2008 with spending amost an hour watching this twig and fascinated that she never revealed her legs. Here is the story

Parawixia dehaani resting, sort of, after a night of hunting and before exiting for a day of sleep

jan 01 0638 parawixia

Shooting from below

jan 01 0654 parawixia

Argiope decorata and her web. Not planar, but curved with interesting patterns

jan 01 0668 argiope ventral

Her web after I scared her.

jan 01 0672 argiope web

Back into her hunting position

jan 01 0683 argiope and web

I scared her and she hid behind this leaf

jan 01 0687 argiope hiding

Her curviplanar web

jan 01 0690 web

Another view

jan 01 0691 edge web

In her hunting position

jan 01 0696 argiope edge

The many positions of Miagrammopes swinging in the morning breeze. Well returning the next morning, she was still there - and finally I determined that she was a twig disguised as Miagrammopes

jan 01 0705 miagrammopes anchor

jan 01 0722 mia side

jan 01 0730 mia mating maybe

A purple flower

jan 01 0757 purple flower

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