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January 12, 2008:Araneus mitificus and morning dew

I went out about 7:30 before it usually starts raining (its the monsoon season). Lots of dew and nothing big caught my attention. So I started looking for small things - and first were a couple of webs distorted with dew. Then one of them had a sleeping Parawixia dehaani. Later I found a small Araneus mitificus. Impossible to photograph inside her home, so I opened the door. She left by the back door and then walked around to the front of the leaf and just looked at me. Here is the story.

A web distorted with dew drops

jan 12 1031 web drops

Parawixia dehaani sleeping

jan 12 1034 sleeping

Sleeping with the dew dropt

jan 12 1037 sleeping


jan 12 1043 sleeping close

Drops of dew

jan 12 1048 droplets


jan 12 1049 droplets

In her home - before I opened the front door.

jan 12 1052 araneus mitificus

She left by the back door and came around just watching me with her eyes

jan 12 1066 araneus mitificus eye

Ventral weaving

jan 12 1080 ventral weaving

She just attached a strand to the leaf to her upper left

jan 12 1087 ventral weaving


jan 12 1089 ventral weaving


jan 12 1093 araneus mitificus weaving

In her web of tangled strands

jan 12 1098 araneus web

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