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January 26, 2007: Visiting Raj in Chennai

During 1993-1994 academic year, Ellen and I lived in Madras. The Congress party was voted out, the BJP party was voted in and after some time, the name was changed to Chennai.

Early during our stay in Madras, we met Raj and helped him bring a group of believers together for weekly worship. The meeting place is now Christ the Rock Church

jan 26 0751 rock church

It is situated on a street - looking to the right

jan 26 0753 street

and looking to the left

jan 26 0754 street folks

At the end of the street is a small Hindu temple, with the gate locked

jan 26 0759 temple

and along the street are all the conveniences - an ironing service

jan 26 0761 ironing

and a tailoring service

jan 26 0764 stiching

Transportation is humorous, unless you are driving. Here is a typical multi-passenger motorcycle

jan 26 0771 people transport

Near Raj's home is the new IT City (Tidal Park)

jan 26 0775 it city

The road even has marked lanes (I'll try to find a photo of this road before lanes)

jan 26 0778 lanes

There is a new train station to town

jan 26 0779 train station

There are signs indicating how to get there

jan 26 0788 signs

There are even signs indicating that the road has been extended around a tree. Chennai's contribution to keeping South India clean and green

jan 26 0794 tree ahead

Here is the flyover in front of IIT

jan 26 0795 iit flyover

and here we are driving along one of the roads inside the IIT campus. Note the trees. The temperature within the IIT campus is typically 3 - 5 C cooler than in town (either Chennai or Adyar)

jan 26 0798 inside iit

We went to visit Suseela who helped us keep our apartment clean when we were there (1993-1994)

jan 26 0800 suseela home

and here is Suseela. She has two daughters, Devi and Radha. Devi is now married with two small children (1 and 2 years old) and Radha is making her own path, with additional education and hard work.

jan 26 0802 suseela

Here is Suseela with one of the neighboring kids

jan 26 0808 inside suseela

The IIT Fountain - the first time I have seen it spurting water (typically there is such a water shortage that this never gets activated)

jan 26 0815 iit fountain

This is D-2, where Ellen and I lived for a year

jan 26 0819 d2 home

Then outside IIT, the is the typical traffic while driving into Adyar. If you spend any time in India, you will hear continuous horn blowing. This is not an accident. It is encouraged by almost everyone - as seen from the sign on the left side of this water truck. Experience the 2nd Horn Concerto by Sri Rangakrishnan Cacophony. (3.7 MB mpg)

jan 26 0834 adyar traffic

Note the sign to the right - requesting drivers to avoid mobile phones (I suspect that many fall out of cars while driving and because they are so expensive, it is helpful if drivers avoid running over them)

jan 26 0836 cell phone

The main stop light in Adyar

jan 26 0841 main light

Fresh fruit along the street

jan 26 0846 fresh fruit

and new homes where there used to be only thatched huts

jan 26 0854 new homes

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