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July 27, 2007: Bali and Bob's place: Nephila, Argiope and Argyrodes watching at its best

How we got there: Singapore to Jakarta to Denpasar to Bob's place

Bob's home is in the middle of the jungle overlooking a river. The thick undergrowth provides a great place for observing spider behavior. His home from the river

Bob's outside

Looking out the window

Bob's Bali Villa

The dining room

jul 27 4453 dining room

The living room

jul 27 4456 living room

The kitchen

jul 27 4459 kitchen

Morning Porch

jul 30 5832 morning porch

Morning stairs

jul 30 5836 morning stairs

Looking out from the bedroom

jul 27 4720 bedroom

The pool by day

jul 27 4915 pool

The evening pool

jul 27 4976 evening pool

Evening reading

jul 28 4984 evening reading

and dinner

jul 28 5677 dinner

Meanwhile, back in the morning - an early morning walk


Walking past a rice field

rice field

Walking down a hill, then to the river and looking up the steps

mom and son walking steps

Then back to Bob's and a bit of spider watching. Here is an Argiope sometimes known as a writing spider because of the way they decorate their web.

jul 27 4671 argiope

This little guy is an unknown

jul 27 4674 unknown

From Google Images, this appears to be a day flying moth

jul 27 4689 day flying moth

Nephila does many interesting things, but this was the first time I observed her decorating her web. The zig-zag patterns are know as stabilimentum - and it is rare to find this in a Nephila web. Note the golden color of her silk - characteristic of her family

jul 27 4774 nephila stabilimentum

This was fun, though I almost tumbled down a steep hill. Looking up into her web. There is a little kleptoparasite to the left - nibbling away at her web

jul 27 4826 nephila from below

From a slightly different angle - so see more of her abdomen

jul 27 4827 nephila argyrodes stabilimentum

Not to be outdone, here is an Argiope with a small stabilimentum.

jul 27 4862 argiope stabilimentum

This guy was crawling around on the ground. No identification yet

jul 27 4865 ground spider

and above, a very interesting damselfly

jul 27 4869 damselfly

Looking at our lady from the side, with the Argyrodes to the left. These little kleptoparsites just add a bit of color to the already colorful web

jul 27 4896 naphila argyrodes stabilimentum

And then there was evening of the first day and a full moon

Bali evening and full moon

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