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July 29, 2007: Bali, Rice Fields and Spiders

For some reason I got up early and visited the Nephila web. She was busy rebuilding her web. so I captured some early morning video of her weaving

morning Nephila weaving

Later, Didin came by and off we went to the countryside to just see more of Bali. On the way, Didin found himself in the middle of Nephila country. So we stopped to look at a huge cluster of webs. Here is one of the Nephila webs

jul 28 5731 nephila web

And the web bathed with sunlight with our lady, Nephila in her launching position.

jul 28 5735 nephila home

She happened to be weaving her web - and after a short time, returned to weaving as we watched (she is to the left)

jul 28 5736 nephila weaving web

More weaving (near the bottom of the web)

jul 28 5739 nephila weaving

Then a Gasterocanthis web with silk puff decorations

jul 28 5740 web decorations

Standing back - just a view of all the web

jul 28 5744 webs

and later to the rice fields

jul 28 5801 rice field

The sky, the clouds and the reflections - no words, just feel the quiet

jul 28 5804 rice fields

More clouds, green rice and fields

jul 28 5818 rice fields clouds

Some plowing action

jul 29 5762 plowing

and more plowing

jul 29 5763 plowing

Interesting terraced rice pools

jul 29 5766 rice fields

and then we encountered a festival

jul 29 5772 festival jul 29 5774 festival


jul 29 5779 festival

and into the festival grounds

jul 29 5781 festival

On the way back, an Argiope bathed in the morning sun

jul 29 5751 argiope

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