Photo Adventures with Curiosity and Learning

June 11, 2008: High Adventure with Mike and Charlie

It all started at the Bedok Reservoir Park. Susan and her maxi-cab brought all of us here (for the 2nd time - 1st try was washed out)

jun 11 1169 bedok reservoir park

This way to Forest Adventure

jun 11 1170 this way

We are there

jun 11 1137 forest adventure

Tickets - by Ellen the banker

jun 11 1136 tickets

The course - between trees, over the reservoir 4 times - with smiles for all.

jun 11 1144 course

Safety lessons - all of my Ravenel Bridge safety training slowly came back - always have a tie-down. The red cable is the default tie-down cable. Then once connected, attach the roller to the cable.

jun 11 1146 safety lessons

But first, the kids adventure (Sarah and Joshua). This was a replicate of the adult adventure and probably as difficult


jun 11 0040 joshua


jun 11 0042 sarah

Joshua Walking

jun 11 0044 sarah walking

Joshua walking

jun 11 0045 josh walking

Sarah walking

jun 11 0046 sarah walking

Sarah walking

jun 11 0047 sarah walking

And more Sarah (or is it Josh - both have blue shirts one - not good for blurry-eyed grandpa

jun 11 0048 sarah walking

More Sarah

jun 11 0050 sarah walking

Joshua riding

jun 11 0056 joshua riding

And Sarah riding

jun 11 0058 sarah riding

Now the Adult course

Charlie - with a small small smile and Mike with a big big smile

jun 11 1147 mike charlie

Charlie took a big dive with a swing - and grabbed the rope ladder. There is video of the swing -

jun 11 0356 charlie rope ladder

Now Mike preparing for swinging

jun 11 0358 mike swing

Then a collision with the rope ladder. Again - there is video of this

jun 11 0360 mike rope ladder

Charlie connecting his pulley system to the upper cable

jun 11 0369 charlie connect

And Mike walking across the whatever

jun 11 0372 mike walk

Charlie walking - with a bit of hesitation. You can't imagine what it is like to walk on swinging steps. But check out the safety: tied into the above wire with a pully, holding on to two cables on either side of the swing. A real winner of a course

jun 11 1157 charlie balance

And another step on the swinging steps -

and video of Charlie walking

jun 11 0379 charlie swing

Now Mike takes a step - with video

jun 11 1161 mike balance

Then Charlie taking on the horizontal ladder.

jun 11 0382 mike walk

And Mike, with new confidence - simply walks across

jun 11 0384 mike walk

Now here is the big deal - swinging down the cable across the reservoir - with Frank and 2 cameras - one for video and Mike's D200 for action shots.

jun 11 0388 connect

Charlie ready to take a jump

jun 11 0392 charlie jump

Check out that smile

jun 11 0393 charlie swing

And across the reservoir - maybe 100 meters

jun 11 0397 charlie ride

Charlie landing as seen by Ellen

jun 11 0066 charlie landing

Charlie landed

jun 11 0067 charlie landed

and landing (better than I did

jun 11 0409 charlie down

Mike's turn

jun 11 0410 mike ready

No smile here - shear terror - but only for a moment

jun 11 0415 mike flying

Here is the beginning of a big smile

jun 11 0418 mike flying

Ahh - big smile exposed - with Ellen (red shirt), Sarah and Joshua watching

jun 11 0420 mike flying

And back to the parking lot where Susan was waiting for us

jun 11 1171 susan

Off to SunTec City and a Duck Boat ride - but first lunch

jun 11 1180 lunch

Then to the Duke ride - inside

jun 11 1182 inside duck

The Singapore Flyer

jun 11 1201 singapore flyer

The CBD (Central Business District)

jun 11 1217 skyline

and the Merlion - in Malay - Singapura

jun 11 1219 merlion

And a reality check - no slack time here. Construction is booming

jun 11 1224 construction

Suntec City and a tasty treat at StarBucks

jun 11 1228 suntek city

Our Duckboat

jun 11 1235 our duck

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