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June 27, 2011:Dawn Ice Factory

This is our last day. Overcast, so no sunrise, but I thought I would visit the old ice plant. Here is Sojourn, waking up

jun 27 9876 sojourn morning

Quiet dawn road

jun 27 9880 quiet road

Loading an ice delivery wagon

jun 27 9883 ice delivery

This lady is cutting ice blocks. The low light made for interesting blurring action

jun 27 9887 cutting ice

Here is the real thing - Youtube video

Splitting ice

jun 27 9888 splitting ice close

Splitting ice

jun 27 9889 splitting ice

Sawing ice

jun 27 9892 sawing ice

Sawing action

jun 27 9893 sawing action

Motorcycle delivery

jun 27 9895 delivery motorcycle

The old ice factory has been rebuilt - now a modern ice factory

jun 27 9904 ice factory

Ice men

jun 27 9906 ice men

Making crushed ice

jun 27 9907 ice crusher

Loading ice

jun 27 9922 loading ice

and back across the street - sawing ice

jun 27 9939 sawing ice

Off for delivery

jun 27 9941 off for delivery

Walking back - a water buffalo

jun 27 9946 water buffalo

Dawn Sojourn exit

jun 27 9949 sojourn

Sojourn entrance, a nour later - after waking up

jun 27 9953 sojourn

A lotus blossom

jun 27 9956 lotus

And the pool - Maxwell's favorite

jun 27 9958 sojourn pool

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