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March 7, 2009:Snorkeling at Mapur Island

How we got there - from Bintan Agro Beach to a place just north and then to White Sand to pick up one of the guys and then off to Mapur island

It all starts with sunrise - not so great this morning, but consistent.

mar 07 4128 sunrise

A morning flower

mar 07 4135 morning flower

Breakfast after sunrise

mar 07 4141 breakfast

These folks make the best fried bananas in the world - started a year ago with a request - now its pretty frequent that you can find fried bananas

mar 07 4144 banana man

Preparing an omlette

mar 07 4146 cooking

The pool and Bintan Agro Beach Resort - in early morning sun

mar 07 4153 bintan agro

Then off snorkeling at Bintan Island

mar 07 4178 our team

First a stop at White Sand Island - a local fisherman

mar 07 4240 boat man

Another view

mar 07 4242 boat man

White Sand Island

mar 07 4273 white sand island

This is a big rock we see just before Mapur Island

mar 07 4305 big rock

Then coral from above

mar 07 4413 coral

Another view of our snorkel spot

mar 07 4416 mapur island

Here is Hari with a cuttlefish or squid (at least I think its Hari)

mar 07 3244 squid john

Another view of a happy guy

mar 07 3245 squid

Under water, the front

mar 07 3247 squid front

And from the side

mar 07 3248 squid

A closer look

mar 07 3254 squid side


mar 07 3256 squid

Stag horn coral

mar 07 3268 staghorn coral

Clown fish, anemone and some sort of funnel coral

mar 07 3288 clown cone

A 2nd look just to make sure it was not my imagination

mar 07 3289 clown cone

A face sort of

mar 07 3298 face coral

A variety of different types of coral and a small yellow fish

mar 07 3315 yellow fish coral

A close look at these shell-like corals (Montipora capricornis)

mar 07 3317 coral garden

And stag horn coral

mar 07 3320 staghorn coral

A cluster of different types of coral

mar 07 3322 many coral

A spotted fish swimming along the green, red and brown Acroporas.

mar 07 3329 spotted fish sharp

Another view - I've not seen this fish before

mar 07 3334 spotted fish

A striped fish

mar 07 3336 spotted fish

School of fish and reef fish

mar 07 3441 table fish

This is a very interesting variant of a sea urchin. There the white marks point to the central anus

mar 07 3454 star urchin

Purple coral

mar 07 3458 blue coral

A school of fish

mar 07 3473 many fish

What I call table coral and what Jack calls Acroporas

mar 07 3476 table coral

The top of the Acroporas and a piece of rope - from a fishing net?

mar 07 3477 table coral

From further away

mar 07 3478 table coral

Just looking along the plane of the Acroporas

mar 07 3494 table coral

And Jack calls this Montipora capricornis, the spiral-like coral

mar 07 3499 spiral coral

Clown fish Amphiprion ocellaris

mar 07 3524 mom nemo

The larger, I am guessing is the mom

mar 07 3525 large small nemo

Returning to White Sand Island

mar 07 4425 boat man white sand

Low tide at Bintan Agro Beach Resort

mar 07 4436 low tide

Serving Josh after his mixed fruit drink

mar 07 4446 serving josh

Low tide

mar 07 4455 low tide

Walking around - some small crabs

mar 07 4464 crab

And a big crab trap

mar 07 4469 crab trap

The crab trap setup

mar 07 4474 low tide crab

Baited trap

mar 07 4477 baited trap

Mama micro crab

mar 07 4480 mama crab

and the little one

mar 07 4483 baby crab

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