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May 2, 2008: Underwater at Mapur Island

How we got there. MRT to Tanah Merah, Bus 35 to Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal, Penguin Ferry to Tanjung Pinang (1.5 - 2 hours) (blue and tan tracks), and Bintan Agro Beach staff for a 45 min. cross island trip (aqua trace). (Greenish traces are boat trips to Mapur Island (big island on the right) and to Pulau Berelas (White Sand Island) (small just 10 min boat from the hotel). Here are our GPS tracks - Have a geography lesson: click and drag to zoom and follow our path.

First off - was snorkeling at Mapur Island. Doyle and I had such a great time last month, I was anxious to see it again. Here is The Bintan Agro Beach Resort - absolutely the best - Reception

may 02 0031 reception

and pool

may 02 0032 pool

The View

may 02 0017 island

Our room

may 02 0021 room

Ellen ignorning me as I click click click

may 02 0025 room ellen

Our porch where we enjoy the evening breeze

may 02 0028 porch

At low tide, you can investigate little crabs and shell fish

may 02 0016 low tide

Our new friends from China / Singapore: Jeff and Landy

may 02 0035 hi

And off we go to Mapur Island

may 02 0037 start

passing a fishing boat

may 02 0040 fishing boat

Jeffrey getting ready to take a photo of Landy

may 02 0044 new friends

and Landy with a smile

may 02 0045 smile

Dropping anchor

may 02 0060 anchor

And fantastic green staghorn coral (Acropora cervicornis)?

may 02 0066 green horn coral

Table coral Acropora pulchra - so many colors - green, gray, ...

may 02 0069 coral

Even a rust color and yellow

may 02 0076 rust coral

There are huge sea urchins

may 02 0077 coral urchin

Here a reef fish swimming over the brownish coral

may 02 0083 coral

More colors

may 02 0085 colors coral

Not so many fish here - but here is a black fish

may 02 0091 coral fish

More green and rust coral

may 02 0114 colors

A fish with stripes

may 02 0116 color fish

Stag horn coral?

may 02 0119 colorful coral

These fish have blue faces

may 02 0120 fish coral

Another view

may 02 0122 colorful coral fish


may 02 0123 reef fish

This is a very interesting reef fish - with a long snout.

may 02 0132 unk reef fish

Another view

may 02 0133 reef fish

Sea urchin and the eye (anus in disguise)

may 02 0135 urchin pentagon

Two urchins

may 02 0136 2 urchins

Some sort of coral

may 02 0144 what is it

Some sort of black fish

may 02 0151 black fish

and theses interesting spiral folding structures: cabbage coral?

may 02 0156 spiral folds

White coral and black fish

may 02 0163 black fish

Three urchins

may 02 0170 three urchins

This is a long story. I was so concentrating on photographing some clown fish that this guy or one of his friends collided with my face. Quite a sting (12 hr) around my jaw - but the mask did its protecting of my eyes and forehead. - Painful? Yes - worth it - Yes Yes.

may 02 0172 jelly fish

Another view - you can see the long stringy things - they are the problem - particularlly when they are 2 - 3 m long

may 02 0173 jelly fish

A good view of the interior

may 02 0174 jelly fish

and a closer view

may 02 0175 jelly fish

Yes - I'm moving out of the way

may 02 0178 jelly fish

More reef fish

may 02 0202 reef fish

and wonderful white coral

may 02 0213 white things

A Sergeant (Major?) fish and lots of small fish + urchin

may 02 0223 sgt major many small

Two urchins

may 02 0224 two urchins

Another view of the ever present jelly fish

may 02 0231 jelly fish

and this lovely blue-green something

may 02 0257 green blue stuff

Several fish feeding from the stag-horn coral

may 02 0269 many fish

Then my big big surprise. Two clown fish (Amphiprion Frenatus- I suspect a mom and her little one. THe little one has no black while the larger mom has a big black body - all swimming in a sea of purple base anemone, Heteractis magnifica

may 02 0280 big little clowns

Just fun watching (and if you have the patience, you can watch the video above

may 02 0283 clown

A view from the top

may 02 0286 two clowns

Clown faces - head on

may 02 0292 clown faces

Look at the size comparison

may 02 0294 clown side


may 02 0299 two sharp clowns

Little one hiding while mom is guarding

may 02 0323 hiding clown

Last look

may 02 0329 clowns

Our snorkel place

may 02 0336 our snorkel spot

may 02 0337 jelly fish

may 02 0343 jelly fish

may 02 0345 jelly fish

may 02 0352 jelly coral

may 02 0353 brain cora

may 02 0358 urchin fish

may 02 0364 sharp jelly

may 02 0366 jelly

may 02 0370 orange coral

may 02 0371 coral light

may 02 0374 horn coral

may 02 0375 urchin close

may 02 0376 orange coral

may 02 0380 urchin anus

may 02 0399 giant clam

may 02 0405 white something

may 02 0411 green coral

may 02 0415 jelly

A giant clam?

may 02 0417 orange something

Table coral and brown stag horn coral

may 02 0419 colors

Our friend, the jellyfish with two sea urchins

may 02 0420 jelly urchins

I think this is some sort of butterfly fish. Here you get a good idea of the snout in front - apparently designed to eat from hard-to-get-to places

may 02 0422 orange reef fish

These appear to be mushroom coral

may 02 0428 urchin somethings

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