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Before setting up at 5:38

May 02, 2016: Family Reunion - Sort of

may 02 1396 setup

Watch Susan wait for her breakfast

Susan's arrival

Today was simply amazing. Watching the behavior of this family since 3 weeks after birth (November 2015) and produced all sorts of surprises. Today Susan arrived first - then something scared her and she climbed the nearest tree (another video) - and Mom, Bebe, appeared and all the kids stayed away. Bebe finished all the food and was searching for more. I added a half back of food and she continued to eat, but the kids ventured too close so she chased them away (another video). She finished breakfast a 2nd time - and finally returned to the forest. So I added another half bag and 3 kids returned, then a 4th, then Bebe. All the growling was what I call polite growling and they managed to finish the morning as a coherent family. I think Bebe is pregnant and a bit possessive of breakfast until her hunger is satisfied. Why do I think Grumpy is Bebe (mom)? She is larger than the kids, she approaches me and she eats the way she ate when she was nursing the kids - i.e. she takes food, often washes it and then eats.

Posted by Frank Starmer on Monday, May 2, 2016

may 02 1397 susan appears

Susan enjoying a quiet breakfast

may 02 1404 susan eating

Enjoying a breakfast bowl

In the beginning

Susan approaches alone - about 3 min after I arrive and quietly eats - sometimes with 1 hand, sometimes with 2 hands.. However, from time to time, she retreats to a tree behind her. She eventually climbed this tree and would not come down - which is when Grumpy appeared

Posted by Frank Starmer on Monday, May 2, 2016

Oops - someone is coming - Susan hides in a tree

may 02 1417 susan hiding

Watching me

may 02 1425 susan watching me

Susan climbs down from the tree

Susan watching the intruder

Susan climbed a nearby tree as something sinister approached (I think her mom). In the tree she watched until it was safe to return to the ground and try to finish her breakfast.

Posted by Frank Starmer on Monday, May 2, 2016

Bebe (Grumpy) eating

may 02 1429 bebe eating

Grumpy growling

may 02 1431 bebe growling

Grumpy is not pleased with the kids trying to grab some breakfast, here she hisses, growls and finally chases them away

Grumpy's Aggressive Behavior

Grumpy scared Susan up a tree. She eventually returned with her brother (reinforcements) - Susan slowly approached Grumpy from behind - and was detected. Hissing and Growling did not dissuade Susan in her pursuit for breakfast - so Grumpy chased her away. In the end, it seems all was forgiven - next video will show the happy (more or less) family

Posted by Frank Starmer on Monday, May 2, 2016

Grumpy washing her hands

may 02 1442 washing hands

Grumpy washing her food

may 02 1447 washing food

Grumpy drinking water - Breakfast is over

may 02 1451 drinking

Susan watching

may 02 1454 susan watching

Susan climbing down

may 02 1458 susan climbing down

Susan climbing down

may 02 1459 susan climbing down

Finally on the ground

may 02 1462 susan returns

Susan and her brother drinking

may 02 1473 susan brother

Happy family - 4 Raccoons and a mom

may 02 1494 family


may 02 1497 family

A quiet family reunion and departure

Leaving Bebe's Cafe - one at a time

Here is the family enjoying breakfast with friendly growling - and as they finish, they fade into the forest.

Posted by Frank Starmer on Monday, May 2, 2016
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