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May 27, 2007: N. pilipes, A. flavescens and reflections

First to establish the scale of N. pilipes and A. flavescens.

may 27 9736 nephila argyrodes

An accident. I tripped over one of the supporting strands and the top portion of the web collapses. Her is another view of the size scale with the accumulated collapsed web silk

may 27 9649 nephila argyrodes scale

Though the depth of field is not great - here is another size scale comparison

may 27 9659 nephila scale

Ventral view

may 27 9662 nephila argyrodes

Here is a mature Argyrodes flavescens (center) and an infant (I think) to the upper right

may 27 9707 argyrodes

Her abdomen is highly polished and here you can see the reflection of the sky. THe little yellow dots on the Nephila silk are caused by the accumulation of water which in turn regulates the tension of the silk. My question, though, is why are not droplets on the radial strands?

may 27 9484 argyrodes nephila web

A closer view

may 27 9484 argyrodes dorsal ab reflection

Another reflection with yellow droplets

may 27 2363 agyrodes reflection

Just doing something

may 27 2372 argyrodes

Manipulaing the silk

may 27 2383 silk manip

I think she is harvesting water droplets here

may 27 2393 agryodes thread manip

She just seems suspended in air here except for her drag line and a small strand that she holds with one of her left fore-legs

may 27 9431 argyrodes droplet

More acrobatics

may 27 9439 argyrodes

From the spinneret

may 27 9469 ventral reflection

Another view of her spinneret

may 27 9474 argyrodes motion

A dull reflection

may 27 9492 argyrodes dull reflection

A focused reflection

may 27 9497 argyrodes reflection

up close and personal

may 27 9497 argyrodes reflection close

Another reflection

may 27 9498 reflections


may 27 9498 reflections close

Here our Lady-in-black is hiding at the top of the web

may 27 9549 nephila hiding

Her head

may 27 9584 cephalothorax

and jaw

may 27 9596 nephila jaws

Holding her dragline with one leg

may 27 9598 nephila collapsed web side

Interesting lighting

may 27 9605 lighting

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