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November 26, 2007: An Australian Adventure: From Alice Springs to Adelaide

We took a QANTAS flight from Alice Springs to Adelaide and what a flight. When flying from Sydney to Alice Springs (another Qantas fligth), I did not have my camera available. However the coloration of the desert, the clouds and river beds were extraordinary. This time I had the camera in the "to document" mode. Here is the story. In addition I took a series of photos during takeoff and landing and stiched them together to synthesize n mpg video.

And here is our flight path

QF722 Flight path

Here is the desert outside Alice Springs and the Stuart Highway below

nov 26 5330 alice springs desert

Here we are passing through the clouds and the contrast between blue sky and reddish desert was striking

nov 26 5335 clouds

Here we are above the cloud level and the cloud shadows are easily seen

nov 26 5338 clouds desert

The various colors of the desert

nov 26 5347 desert

Here you can see a dry lake and river beds (that either feed the lake or drain it).

nov 26 5351 riverbed

Cloud shadows and a meandering river bed

nov 26 5367 riverbed

Multi-cloud shadows

nov 26 5369 riverbed

A bifurcating river bed (lower left) and meandering stream beds (lower right).

nov 26 5381 dry rivers

Clouds, shadows and bifurcating river beds

nov 26 5391 bifurcations

Patterns of bifurcating river beds

nov 26 5392 bifurcation patterns

A dry lake with water

nov 26 5403 desert lake

What a difference the angle makes on the water color. Color balance in a digital camera is a real challenge. To capture what you really see.

nov 26 5406 desert lake

A receeding lake

nov 26 5411 receeding lake

I suppose this was a lake also. The cloud layer adds nice color

nov 26 5417 desert lake rivers

Approaching Adelaide - flight path

Adelaide approach and river.

nov 26 5429 river

A refinery: Pt. Bonython Oil

nov 26 5434 land finger

and the flight path to the south

Port Bonython

Port Davis, (lower left)

nov 26 5436 farmland

Pt. Broughton

nov 26 5445 geo swirls

nov 26 5446 farm plots

Pelicon Point Power Station

nov 26 5478 left turn

What I call polygon lakes

nov 26 5503 polygon lakes

Western Adelaide

nov 26 5573 adelaide

Passing over Something Bradbury Blvd?

nov 26 5587 adelaide blvd

The final approach

Adelaide approach

Adelaide approach

The runway and air brakes

nov 26 5597 air brakes

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