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November 26, 2010:Snorkelling around Atauro Island

VIdeo Segments

How we got there - Tommy asked his friends about taking us over to Atauro Island. Their small boat was an outrigger - and what fun for 2.5 hours. Here is the track

Off to snorkel - just walking out from a nearby jetty - maybe 25 meters. Wow - such color

nov 26 2953 starfish

Fish everywhere - beautiful angel fish, puffer fish, - more

nov 26 2977 fish

More fish

nov 26 2978 fish

A massive feather worm

nov 26 2982 feather worm

Coral everywhere - just 50 m from the beach

nov 26 2987 coral

Purple anemone

nov 26 2990 purple anemone

Cream colored anemone - with purple tips

nov 26 2994 anemone

Pale blue wire-like coral

nov 26 2999 wire

White soft coral

nov 26 3004 soft coral

Tan soft coral

nov 26 3005 tan soft

a really amazing green thing - like a plant, quite interesting

nov 26 3006 green thing

CLown hiding in purple tipped white anemone - some video but will need processing

nov 26 3034 purple tip anemone

White Christmas tree worm - there were white, blue, yellow and orange Christmas tree worms - so many

nov 26 3054 white christmas tree worm

Orange Christmas tree worm

nov 26 3058 orange christmas tree worm

Yellow Christmas tree worm

nov 26 3062 yellow christmas tree worm

A friendly puffer fish - in the inflated configuration, I think

nov 26 3080 puffer fish

Another view of the puffer fish

nov 26 3082 puffer fish

THe color is not quite right - this is a gray sort of plant with spikes for leaves

nov 26 3091 gray spikes

We had some visitors from the UN - an Airforce group and a ground group - one by car - the other by heliocopter. After a lunch break - I went off to another reef area - mostly hard coral.

nov 26 3100 UN visitors

A blue star fish

nov 26 3126 blue star fish

An orange and purple something

nov 26 3129 orange purple

ANother amazing blue starfish

nov 26 3131 blue star

Another of the green/black plant-like thing

nov 26 3133 green black thing

Another blue star

nov 26 3169 blue star


nov 26 3179 blenny

Colorful coral everywhere

nov 26 3188 garden

A colorful garden

nov 26 3191 garden

Some sort of Blenny

nov 26 3198 blenny fish

Tommy - pulling up the anchor

nov 26 3201 tommy


nov 26 3209 hills

Tommy - our friend (and organizer of the trip) and security guard at Discovery Inn (Dili)

nov 26 3211 tommy

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