Photo Adventures with Curiosity and Learning

October 12, 2013: A morning with Joseph

Off to the Venus Drive side of MacRitchie Reservoir.

Argiope versicolor

oct 12 6748 argiope

Our first surprise was Cyrtarachne fangchengenis - the bird dung spider. She displays a quite interesting something - gray patches that seem to migrate near the orange blobs. - here are a couple of videos

Video of the migrating segements

In the field (near SICC) - not as obvious as in the lab

In the lab

Bird dung spider: Cyrtarachne fangchengenis - found at the edge of MacRitchie Reservoir.

oct 12 6751 cyrtarachne fangchengenis


oct 12 6753 cyrtarachne fangchengenis

oct 12 6762 bird dung ventral

In Joseph's home lab

oct 12 3561 cyrtarachne fangchengenis

Another view - the migrating patches are not so obvious in this sequence

oct 12 3570 cyrtarachne fangchengenis

A bit later

oct 12 3578 cyrtarachne fangchengenis

Ant mimic spider, Myrmarachne maxillosa

oct 12 6775 myrmarachne maxillosa

Another view Myrmarachne maxillosa

oct 12 6777 ant mimic

Joseph spotted this jumper - Portia labiata - I thought it was just forest rubbish. Closer look and you can see two of the lateral eyes

oct 12 6784 portia labiata

oct 12 6790 portia labiata

Walking back to our car - a monkey

oct 12 6792 sicc monkey

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