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October 14, 2012:Exploring Inle Lake: Fishing

I was quite tired after my Saturday all day boat adventure on Inle Lake. So this time, I decided half day trip with a focus on fishermen and the floating market. Here are my GPS tracks:

My boat captain, Phone Myint, somehow figureid out what I was trying to capture with my camera. So he took me close to fishermen without disturbing their nets etc. What is amazing is the balance these fishermen display while multi-tasking: guiding and propelling the boat with his leg while using both hands to manipulate the net or other tasks.

oct 12 2231 net management

This guy has many nets in is sampan and just working his way around the water.

oct 14 2155 leg paddle

Another view

oct 14 2159 leg paddle

Here the fisherman is holding the net while paddling his sampan. You can see the leader of the net to the left

oct 14 2174 leg paddle net

Here you can watch this ballet - and near the end - there is a fish in his net. A video of the oar work while managing the net

Here you can see him manage the oar while pulling the net in (right hand) and holding the net in his left hand

oct 14 2176 leg paddle free hand net

A bitter view of holding the line with his right hand, holding the net with his left hand, stabilizing the oar with his right arm and controlling it with his right leg - all while maintaining balance

oct 14 2188 leg paddle haul net

Another view

oct 14 2190 pulling net

These two guys are having a great time splashing. I call this green dynamite - an eco friendly way to encourage the fish to enter the net

oct 14 2208 splashing

A closer look

oct 14 2213 splashing

This guy has a large funnel trap. It is placed vertically in the water with the large end down. I've watched them insert and remove, but never with anything inside.

oct 14 2243 fish trap

Video of managing the fish trap

Not sure what he is looking for and how he decides where to plant his trap

oct 14 2251 funnel trap

The power of the right leg

oct 14 2260 leg power

His sampan and our larger boat (Phone Myint driving)

oct 14 2271 captain fisherman

Pulling the net

oct 14 2312 balancing act

And a passing cargo boat - really huge

oct 14 2334 cargo boat


oct 14 2340 holding paddle

Time for action

oct 14 2342 oarsman

Watching and waiting. The water is 1 - 2 meters deep and quite clear so I suspect these guys are watching for fish

oct 14 2350 contemplation

Some sort of monument in the lake

oct 14 2410 monument

Another cargo vessel

oct 14 2435 cargo

Splashing to encourage the fish to enter the net

Watch the water

Another guy

oct 14 3132 splash

The clouds have gone and the water is calm and the reflections are quite engaging

oct 14 3239 fisherman


oct 14 3287 splash

Two fishermen splashing

oct 14 3291 two fishermen

Don't know what these guys are doing

oct 14 3320 two fishermen

Oh - One is working his net and the other, perhaps supervising? I think not. These guys are really quite amazing and need no supervision

oct 14 3330 two fishermen

A boat of traps

oct 14 3372 leg paddle fish traps

Planting a trap

oct 14 3446 trap planting

Placing it in the water

oct 14 3448 trap planting

Throwing this trip

oct 14 3452 throwing traip

And watching it sink - and bonus - nice reflection

oct 14 3454 sinking trap

Trap collection and nice reflected image

oct 14 3467 trap search

Three fishermen

oct 14 3489 fisherman balance

Reflections of three fishermen

oct 14 3497 three fishermen

Reflection of clouds, funnel trap and fishermen. I like this

oct 14 3599 trap man

These traps look like a wing

oct 14 3700 fish trap wings

Another view

oct 14 3705 planting fish trap

extracting a funnel trap

oct 14 3802 trap extraction

Leg action - placing the trap in the sampan

oct 14 3806 trap extraction

Placing it in the sampan

oct 14 3807 sleeping trap

Sign about Inle Lake

oct 14 3944 inle lake sign

A fleet of funnel-trap fishermen

oct 14 3950 three trap men

Managing a trap

oct 14 3955 trap man balance

This guy actually caught something

oct 14 3960 trap man fish

A small fish

oct 14 3965 trap man fish

More leg work

oct 14 4293 trap man leg

Extracting a fish from the net

oct 14 4352 big fish

Another view

oct 14 4354 extract fish

Maybe extracting a hook?

oct 14 4359 removing net fish

Managing the net

oct 14 4384 leg paddling


oct 14 4485 balancing

Nice reflection

oct 14 4493 fish net inspect

More nice reflections

oct 14 4527 two fishermen

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