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September 15, 2007: Leucauge, Nephila and maybe a moth

A small moth with 2 sets of wings

sep 15 4759 moth

Another view

sep 15 4760 moth

yet another view

sep 15 4763 moth

A small Leucauge decorata with an unusual vertical web

sep 15 4784 leucauge decorata

Another view

sep 15 4789 leucauge decorata

Nephila in front of a Simpoh flower

sep 15 4751 nephila simpoh

Then the rains came and some damage - here are shots of web repair.

sep 15 4742 nephila weaving circ

Before the rain

sep 15 4748 nephila

After the rain - weaving circumferential strands. sep 15 4809 nephila weaving

Gluing a strand to one of the supporting strands

sep 15 4820 nephila weaving

What an acrobat

sep 15 4822 nephila weaving side

Here you can see a strand of drag line silk being extruded

sep 15 4837 nephila dragline

Continuous extrusion while building circumferential strands. Here her right rear leg is drawing out the strand and she will attach it to one of the radial strands.

sep 15 4843 nephila weaving circ

Here her left rear leg is pulling the strand while her right rear leg positions the next radial strand

sep 15 4845 nephila weaving circ

Another view

sep 15 4846 nephila weaving circ

And walking home, there are bananas in the making

sep 15 4883 banana

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