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September 23, 2013: Hyderabad Street Food and Sunset

Getting there

I usually start about 6:15 or 6:30. The streets are mostly quiet and as you see here, cleaning is there

sep 23 3101 morning street

Yet there is noise and a bit of chaos - as seen here. Pay particular attention to the presentation of chaos: folks driving against 1 way traffic, wires hanging and tangled - sort of symbolic of India's struggle build building a robust infrastructure.

Off to work. By lunchtime, traffic is gridlocked

Want to learn - programs are available

sep 23 3102 billboard wall

Two stalls captured my curiosity this time - these guys make masala dosa and poori - here, cleaning the grill

sep 23 3103 dosa man

This man and his brother manage the tea stall and dosa / poori factory. He sells tickets for food - you exchange the ticket with one of the folks behind the virtual counter and you have your breakfast.

sep 23 3105 ticket man

This is the brother - runs the tea stall and makes fantastic tea. Many know how I consider smart-phones as simply a computer with a voice app - and some question whether you see lots of smartphones in places like India. Clearly the answer is yes - as revealed in this photo. Smart phones (many used and yet quite functional) are everywhere.

sep 23 3108 tea boss

The tea man

sep 23 3111 tea server

A view of the tea stall - I'm shooting over a pot of scalded milk. Masala chai is made with milk, not water

sep 23 3120 tea stall

The dosa / poori setup

sep 23 3124 dosa setup

Behind the counter - making poori, smiling and washing dishes

sep 23 3129 dosa kitchen

Rolling the dough

sep 23 3133 rolling dosa

Action photo of rolling dough

sep 23 3134 rolling poori

Place the dough into the oil - it puffs up and you have poori

sep 23 3147 transfer poori to wok

Here are two masala dosa

sep 23 3151 dosa griddle

A closer look - some red stuff, red petter, onion and potatoe

sep 23 3153 two masala dosa

Tea stall in action

sep 23 3155 tea team

Lifting a prepared dosa

sep 23 3158 lifting dosa

Rolling it

sep 23 3161 folding dosa

Rolling into a nice cylinder for eating

sep 23 3162 folding dosa

Here is how its done

Cleaning the grill for the next batch

sep 23 3167 clearning grill

Cleaning the grill

sep 23 3168 clearning grill

Look at the droplet formation

sep 23 3174 cleaning grill

Receiving meal tickets

sep 23 3197 receiving tickets

Off to work - and today a surprise, Sunset. Usually the haze is such that sunset is not there. But here it is - a most pleasant surprise

sep 23 3201 sunset

Sunset light is special

sep 23 3204 evening light

Construction adjacent to the hotel - freshly poured concrete

sep 23 3205 fresh reflections

Preparing for a night pour

sep 23 3207 evening work

Sunset - high

sep 23 3216 sunset

Moving behind a cloud

sep 23 3221 sunset cloud

Sunset cloud

sep 23 3227 sunset cloud

A bit lower

sep 23 3232 sunset cloud

Almost complete

sep 23 3248 sunset cloud

Touching the horizon

sep 23 3256 sunset

A third disappeared

sep 23 3270 sunset down

View of the city

sep 23 3273 sunset colors

Almost complete

sep 23 3279 sunset bye

Last sign of the sun

sep 23 3287 last sunset

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