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Sept 28, 2008:Sunrise at Agro Beach

Early morning. Many clouds this morning and beautiful colors as the tide comes in

sep 28 1058 sunrise tide

Slowly the tide say good morning

sep 28 1083 sunrise tide

Then many clouds and many clors and many reflections

sep 28 1097 sunrise tide

Darker clouds

sep 28 1104 sunrise tide

And both the sun and tide say hello

sep 28 1115 sunrise tide

Reflections of a morning sun

sep 28 1126 sunrise

Clouds moving

sep 28 1136 sunrise

Absorbing the first of the morning sun

sep 28 1141 florence inviting sunshine to her life

Frangipani near the water sport place

sep 28 1159 frangipani

Heliconia near the water sport place

sep 28 1164 heliconia

Another heliconia

sep 28 1168 heliconia

But what is a weekend of snorkel and spider therapy without a spider? Just as I was packing, this little guy was racing up the wall in my room. With camera in hand, I was trying to get a shot - but nothing until he started walking across the red ceiling. Then he was slow. I suppose walking upside down is even difficult for a spider. Here she is

ceiling spider

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