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August 4, 2011: A side trip to the Dark Moon Temple (Sri Angala Parameswari Temple) in Melmalayanur

How I got there

Melmalayanur in its underpopulated state. During the period of the dark moon several laks (hundreds of thousands) of people come to this place

aug 04 3744 melmalayanur

Mobile pots and pans

aug 04 3749 mobile pots


aug 04 3753 melmalayanur shops

Dark Moon Temple

aug 04 3771 to dark moon temple


aug 04 3780 melmalayanur street

Sri Angala Parameswari Temple (Melmalayanur)

aug 04 3783 dark moon temple

Folks sort of gathered next to the goddess statue

aug 04 3789 dark moon goddess

Stuff for sale

aug 04 3798 temple stuff for sale

Temple goddess

aug 04 3801 temple goddess

A better view

aug 04 3806 temple goddess

Here is the sacrifice place. These folks are preparing a rooster for sacrifice

aug 04 3825 sacrifice place

The rooster (between the two people)

aug 04 3828 sacriface rooster

Cutting the head off

aug 04 3843 rooster knife

More cutting

aug 04 3861 head cutting

Sacrifice blood

aug 04 3870 sacrafice blood

End of sacrifice and cleanup

aug 04 3878 end sacrafice

Temple stuff for sale

aug 04 3881 temple stuff

The resting goddess

aug 04 3885 temple goddess

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