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August 5, 2011:Off to visit VOCM school projects

Where we went

Project locations

August 5, 2011:Surveying the VOCM Schools

We started at Betty's home, around the back to the Valathi Matriculation School

The local hospital

aug 05 4523 hospital

The hospital queue

aug 05 4508 hospital queue

Valathi Matriculation School

aug 04 4528 valathi matriculation school

Preschool talk

aug 05 4535 school kids

Everyone gathering for the flag raising

aug 05 4555 school kids

The flag raising

aug 05 4580 raise flag

Indian flag. We visited several of the facilities

aug 05 4589 indian flag

The library

aug 05 4611 library

The computer room

aug 05 4627 computer room

Jesudoss' wife

aug 05 4633 jesudoss wife

The old nursery and primary school - active when I was there in 2001

aug 05 4641 old school

The teacher - nice smile. All the schools are self supporting through tuition charges. Amazing

aug 05 4646 teacher

School kids

aug 05 4669 school kids

Kids and the staff - gathered for me

aug 05 4673 kids staff

Wwe left for the next school and passed an interesting array of head gear

aug 05 4689 head wear

Straw hat

aug 05 4704 headwear

Tractor faceoff

aug 05 4719 tractor faceoff

On the way to the RR School - cane harvesting was there

aug 05 4774 harvested cane

Harvesting sugar cane

aug 05 4780 harvesting sugar cane

Not a great shot because of the sun - but individuals harvesting cane

aug 05 4783 harvesting cane

Carrying cane

aug 05 4786 carrying cane

Harvesting team

aug 05 4789 harvesting team

I messed up - did not take an overall photo of the RR School. Since last visit a new building has been constructed with classrooms dedicated to the donors.

aug 05 4792 schools into smiles

Inside the Rotary classroom

aug 05 4796 rotary classroom

Then a big surprise - A sign showing our support. Ellen set up Bit Mathom as a means for supporting projects in South India - and here is a tangible indication of the support

aug 05 4813 bit mathom classroom

The students

aug 05 4816 bit mathom classroom

Another classroom plaque

aug 05 4822 classroom 4

and students

aug 05 4845 class

There is a space shortage - and here is a class under a tree

aug 05 4849 shade tree class

The shade-tree class

aug 05 4853 shadetree class

Shade tree learning

aug 05 4862 shadetree class


aug 05 4866 rr class

Another class

aug 05 4875 rr class

Another outside class

aug 05 4876 outside class

Learning outside

aug 05 4892 rr class

Inside class

aug 05 4901 class

Outside class

aug 05 4906 outside class

The outside class from the other side

aug 05 4910 outside class

Another inside class

aug 05 4926 rr class

Passing the shade tree class

aug 05 4944 outside class

And then back home.

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