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December 25, 2011:Sunset over Baray Lake

West Baray is one of the huge reservoirs build during the Angkor time - the engineering, to me is quite amazing. Sokheurm thought the sunset would be nice - so off we went

How we (Sokheurm and myself) got there - by motorcycle

Then by boat - our water track

Along the way

dec 25 9738 green fields


dec 25 9740 net casting

Harvesting rice the old fashion way

dec 25 9743 harvesting rice

dec 25 9744 harvesting rice

Water tower - on the last leg to the lake

dec 25 9749 water tower

Food kiosk's everywhere

dec 25 9751 west baray kiosk


dec 25 9755 yummies


dec 25 9757 fruit

I rented a boat (US$15) and off we went - first to an island, but there was no clear view of the sunset - so we planted ourselves in the water and watched the sunset

dec 25 9764 our boat

Sun rays

dec 25 9778 sun rays

Sun rays

dec 25 9784 sun rays

Sunset over the lake

dec 25 9786 sun rays

We parked at an island - hopped off but decided no good photo spots

dec 25 9788 island temple

Looking out

dec 25 9794 looking out

Evening sun on the wall

dec 25 9796 looking out

Temple wall

dec 25 9803 sunset temple

From the water - Sunset

dec 25 9824 golden sun

Sunset over the mainland

dec 25 9852 sunset

Sunset clouds

dec 25 9865 sunset

A bit later

dec 25 9865 west baray sunset

A bit later - as the sun migrates down relative to the stationary cloud

dec 25 9877 west baray sunset


dec 25 9880 sunset cloud


dec 25 9886 sunset cloud

Sunset - without clouds

dec 25 9905 sunset

Then passing behind the mist at the horizon

dec 25 9913 sunset lost


dec 25 9924 west baray sunset


dec 25 9925 sunset going

Mostly gone

dec 25 9936 sunset gone

Looking back at the island from my boat

dec 25 9947 going back

The dock

dec 25 9990 dock

Pulling in after a sunset ride

dec 25 9993 pulling in


dec 25 0019 fishing

Tied up and going home

dec 25 0023 boat tied up

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