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December 26, 2011:Sunset over Treak Village

Where I walked (to the rice field area) for sunset

Sunset over the new rice fields. Along the way - I saw many snail shells - and Chhoy says these are serious problems for rice farming. He has cut his foot several times on the shells. They lay pink eggs (below)

dec 26 0287 sunset

I love the color of green

dec 26 0297 color of green


dec 26 0328 sunset

Golden apple snail eggs

dec 26 0347 golden apple snail eggs

Another view

dec 26 0349 snail eggs


dec 26 0353 sunset


dec 26 0373 sunset

Almost gone

dec 26 0377 sunset

Hunting snails

dec 26 0397 snail hunting

Hunting in the mud

dec 26 0404 snail hunting

New rice

dec 26 0428 new rice

Silhouette of palm trees again the post-sunset evening

dec 26 0434 new rice

Pale evening colors

dec 26 0437 new rice

Cows coming home

dec 26 0440 cows coming home

Cows coming home

dec 26 0443 cows coming home

Cows and a tall tree

dec 26 0449 tall tree

Lady and three cows

dec 26 0461 cows

From behind

dec 26 0470 behind cows

Three tall palms

dec 26 0482 3 palms

Motorcycle for two

dec 26 0515 bye

Evening on Treak Village Road

dec 26 0518 evening treak road

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