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February 17-20, 2007: An adventure to Batam

This weekend is Chinese New Year - and we have Monday and Tuesday as holidays. Some friends invited us to a kelong in Batam - one of the nearby Indonesian islands. We went, we enjoyed, and we'll probably go again. Friendly faces, plenty of opportunities for swimming, fishing and my sport - insect photos. More important, we traveled over a cable stay bridge as we left the island of Batam - with a span that exceeds that of the Ravenel Bridge. Here is our story - well, part of it. The whole story is on my adventures in Indonesia

Getting there - we took the Batam ferry from Harbor Front - and wound our ways around the cargo ships to Batam. Then by van to another island, then by boat to Lincoln's place. Here are our GPS tracks

feb 17 2007 batam

Here is how we got there - click, drag and zoom this active Google map

To get there, we had to cross from Batam to another island over a cable stay bridge

feb 20 1680 batam cable stay bridge

A closer view

feb 20 1682 batam bridge close

We took the ferry from Singapore to Batam - and then overland, to a small river where we loaded everything on a small sanpan for about a 45 min ride to the kelong. A kelong is a small wooden home on stilts built for fishing. Loading

feb 17 1115 loading

Another view

feb 17 1117 loading

The boat trip to Lincoln's Kelong

feb 17 1145 trip

The Kelong where we stayed

feb 17 1260 kalong

A nearby home

feb 17 1282 home

Lunch - a seafood delight

feb 17 1230 lunch

Some fished

feb 18 2559 fishing

Then off I went in search of insects - more focus practice. First I found a small small grasshopper inside a flower

feb 17 1281 grasshopper

In the late afternoon, the tide goes out - Strange place, the equator - where there is only a single obvious low tide and single obvious high tide

o feb 18 2543 low tide

Low tide looking at our kelong

feb 18 2544 kelong low tide

Evening of the first day

feb 17 1331 evening

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