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February 18, 2007: Morning prayer with a praying mantis

The next morning, we found a Praying Mantis - cleaning its antennae. She / he starts at the nearing part to her / his head and gradually builds a loop until the entire antennae is whatever. A friend looked at this and remarked - wow, portable dental floss. What a clever perspective. Of course, he / she is leaning his / her eating apparatus.

feb 18 1500 before cleaning

Step one, insert the dental floss between a pair of teeth

feb 18 1501 cleaning

and slowly draw it though - making first a a small loop

feb 18 1507 cleaning

then a larger loop

feb 18 1511 cleaning

and then an even larger loop

feb 18 1515 cleaning

until the floss passes through. What a novel concept - reusable dental floss.

feb 18 1522 after cleaning

A view from the top

feb 18 1573 mantis top

Then off in search of dragonflies - Here are two mating brownish dragonflys

feb 18 1921 mating

A red dragonfly from the top

feb 18 1999 dfly top

an aqua damselfly (I think)

feb 19 1359 aqua damselfly

An a red dragonfly from different perspectives. He / she often returned to the same spot - but usually oriented to make it impossible for a head on shot

feb 18 1970 dfly behind

From behind and above

feb 18 1999 dfly top

From behind and left

feb 18 2013 dfly left top

A brown dragonfly

feb 18 2065 dfly left side

On a leaf of dead grass - hidden by a lef of live grass

feb 18 2168 dfly grass

A sharper view of the face with remnants of a spider web below

feb 18 2281 red dfly

For the evening, Lincoln organized a bonfire: From the kelong

feb 18 2590 bon fire

And about halfway down the board walk

feb 18 2591 bon fire

and up close and personal

feb 18 2600 bon fire

Our team

feb 18 2601 team

and more bonfire

feb 18 2603 fire

Here is Ellen and Yueh-ti from behind and the rest of the group to the right

feb 18 2607 fire ellen yueh ti

with a ghost

feb 18 2627 fire group

Our team -

feb 18 2633 staff

and Ellen and Yueh-ti

feb 18 2650 ellen yueh
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