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February 23, 2008: Valencia and the Universidad Politecnica de Valencia

GPS Visualizer provides some neat tools for converting from GPS file formats to Google Earth / Maps format. Here is an interactive Google Map of our trip. You can zoom in on the airports and Valencia and Singapore to see the detail.

    Somthing about the colors
  • Red is the SQ 378 route from Changi to Valencia.
  • Cyan is the return, SQ 377, route.

We left Changi at 23:35 Friday night on our way to work with Javier Saiz and his Biomedical Engineering group at the Universidad Polit├ęcnica de Valenci. Our tracks from Singapore, over the southern border of Iraq to Milano, then to Barcelona and then to Valencia

feb 22 Sin Milano

While waiting to depart, I took a few photos outside the window

feb 23 9382 changi sq389

And Ellen smiling and enjoying the comfort of her special small space on the Boeing 777 by Singapore Airlines (SQ 378). The seat folds down into a flat bed and its possible to actually sleep.

feb 23 9378 ellen smile

A flight landing

feb 23 9391 changi landing

Here we are moving from Terminal 3 to the runway

feb 22 9395 changi runway

Afer 12 hours of flying we approached Milano

feb 22 Milano approach

After stopping, all the support vehicles lined up like a Formula 1 start

feb 23 9415 milano sq378

Then an hour later, we departed Milano about 6:45am. Here is an Alitalia flight next door A fog was approaching.

feb 23 9423 milano sq378 taxi

and made our way past the control tower as the fog increased.

feb 23 9428 milano taxi

Passing a number of flights docked at the terminal with more fog

feb 23 9429 milano taxi

Then it was follow the little green lights.

feb 23 9436 milano taxi

and wait for the fog to lift

feb 23 9494 milano fog

After a small wait for the fog to lift, we had take-off. What a view - the Italian alps with snow peaks - from the Google Earth view. The green line is our flight path (with altitude)

feb 22 alps italy

Mike recently took some rather good photos of the lunar eclipse. Here is a just after full moon, over the Alps. Mike did better, but I was higher. The early morning sun provided very nice soft light.

feb 23 9478 moon over alps

From Google Earth - I think this is about where we were

feb 22 alps

Another view of the moon

feb 23 9481 moon over alps

And another.

feb 23 9491 moon over alps

So many possible views of the Alps

feb 23 9471 alps

Then we passed over Marseille

feb 22 marseille

And a view of the French coast

feb 23 9498 french coast

The harbor area of Barcelona as we approached the airport.

feb 23 9504 valencia

Another view of the harbor area

feb 23 9505 valencia

Just before landing, a view of the harbor and the mountains in the background

feb 23 9507 valencia

We landed at Barcelona - then waited until our 13:00 flight to Valencia. Here is the landing and takeoff tracks in and out of Barcelona.

feb 23 barcelona landing takeoff

And the tracks as we approached Valencia

feb 23 valencia 1


feb 23 valencia landing

After settling in at the University guest house, I took a walk to the beach.

Where we are staying

feb 23 9573 hall

A view of some university buildings from our room

feb 23 9510 univ view

A building

feb 23 9513 univ building


feb 23 9515 univ construction


feb 23 9518 construction


feb 23 9519 construction

more construction

feb 23 9523 univ construction

A typical street

feb 23 9525 street

The Mediterranean

feb 23 9529 Mediterranean

And a fun place

feb 23 9530 fun place

The beach and a young lady standing on a man

feb 23 9537 beach

Here was a mom and boy washing his crocs.

feb 23 9540 mom boy croc ship


feb 23 9542 football

The beach

feb 23 9545 beach

Until tomorrow

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