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January 20, 2007: More adventures with colorful insects

I took another short walk to the Queenstown Library in search of more colorful insects. It was difficult in the beginning as I found a group of ants crawling up and down a tree. The result is not very impressive as their color blends with the tree bark. But here they are.

Two ants meeting - and

jan 20 4327 2 ants

having some sort of discussion

jan 20 4331 2 ants

that was quite a long conversation

jan 20 4332 2 ants

Then there was only 1 ant

jan 20 4335 1 ant

another view

jan 20 4336 1 ant

I found a purple flower

jan 20 4355 purple flower

And here was the surprise - Leucauge venusta, known for their horizontal webs - and this one, with a splash of green

jan 20 4400 leucauge

Her legs - with the nearer silk stand in the focal plane

jan 20 4404 leucauge legs

Another view with here head and thorax in the focal plane

jan 20 4429 leucauge

Eating dinner

jan 20 4459 leucauge dinner

and eating

jan 20 4469 leucauge dinner

and eating

jan 20 4478 leucauge dinner

An interesting view

jan 20 4491 leucauge

A red bug - which I think is a leafhopper.

jan 20 4522 redbug

A closer look

jan 20 4539 red bug

and from the side

jan 20 4571 redbug side

A grasshopper

jan 20 4577 grasshopper

He / she was hiding - and tough to get a full image.

jan 20 4587 grasshopper

Another view

jan 20 4600 grasshopper

A female Leucauge

jan 20 4646 female

the male

jan 20 4681 male

and male (close)Leucauge

jan 20 4681 male close

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