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January 31, 2007: More focus practice

There is more to taking photos of small insects than I ever imagined. For an old man, with shaky hands, it is an even greater challenge. Yesterday was pretty bad in terms of good shots / total shots - about 10%. Today was a little better but it was quite late - near sunset. More challenges.
But here are today's results:

An orange butterfly

jan 31 0014 orange butterfly

A different view of the same orange butterfly. Chasing these little guys is a major challenge

jan 31 0016 orange butterfly

and a very small Leucauge spider

jan 31 0060 leucauge

This is a brown something (moth or butterfly?)

jan 31 0073 brown moth

Another view

jan 31 0093 brown moth

An afternoon glory - closed and very interesting symmetry

jan 31 0100 afternoon glory

An orange butterfly

jan 31 111 orange butterfly

and a closer view

jan 31 0125 orange butterfly close

and a green grasshopper

jan 31 0135 green hopper

A fly on a hairy leaf

jan 31 0152 fly

Then I found two ants - one was having dinner and the other was making trouble

jan 31 0198 2 ants

a few seconds later

jan 31 0202 2 ants

Then they decided to have a fight

jan 31 0211 2 ants

Hmmm - who won?

jan 31 0213 2 ants

then both decide to have dinner

jan 31 0220 2 ants dinner

and the other seems to be full - and time for an evening walk

jan 31 0221 1 ant walking

Then I checked up on our Nephila maculata - her name is Belinda

jan 31 0225 nephila

And her ventral view

jan 31 0241 nephila ventral

And looking into the sky

jan 31 0273 nephila sky

A butterfly

jan 31 0284 butterfly


jan 31 0298 bw butterfly


and closer

jan 31 0318 bw butterfly

an evening morning glory - all closed for a night sleep

jan 31 100 afternoon glory

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