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March 20, 2011:Hyderabad Festival

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Sunrise is over and time to walk along the streets watching Hyderabad wakeup.

mar 20 0887 bicycle balance

Loaded with watermelons. Look at the burlap sling under the center bar and the bag of fruit hanging from the handlebars.

mar 20 0893 watermelon bike

Hmm - as I was walking along - this little girl appeared all painted with colorful powder. Later I learned that this was Holi, Dhuli Vandana a festival where people threw colored power and colored water at each other. I was not the victim of throwing but was the target of a bit of painting (below). The festival starts the day after the full moon and since yesterday was the super full moon (see earlier photos) - would be a super festival

Another view

mar 20 0910 painted girl mar 20 0913 painted girl

Mosque tower

mar 20 0925 tower

These guys were carrying some sort of gas light thing

mar 20 0934 carrying something

Closer photo

mar 20 0935 bearers

Motorcycle for 5 - My record is 6 in Cambodia

mar 20 0940 5 on bike

Ladies in white

More Holi players

mar 20 0967 motorcycle painters

At the temple, I was invited in and these guys painted my face (below). I did not know what to expect, but when discovering another culture, it helps to actually try to participate

mar 20 0979 temple painters

Sprinkling colored powder

mar 20 1001 temple guys

Temple statues with colored powder

mar 20 1009 temple statues

One of the presentations

mar 20 1012 temple god

Outside a table

mar 20 1016 temple table

The colorful temple

mar 20 1019 temple

Its located in the middle of an intersection

mar 20 1032 temple square


mar 20 1042 flags

Holi painted ladies

mar 20 1051 purple ladies

with smiles

mar 20 1054 purple ladies

These guys stopped - and decided to add to my colorful face

mar 20 1067 painted guys

A bit of grandstanding

mar 20 1072 painted guys

Here is my team with bags of colored powder (it actually washed out of my shirt)

mar 20 1079 before painting me

And me

mar 20 1104 frank


mar 20 1114 columns

Morning street

mar 20 1131 street

Riding the auto to Charminar

mar 20 1140 riding to charminar

Following traffic

mar 20 1169 riding to charminar

Weaving in and out of traffic

mar 20 1177 charminar bananas

Bicycle of grass

mar 20 1204 grass cycle

Gate of Charminar

mar 20 1206 charminar

Fresh fruit

mar 20 1213 apples

Lots of fruit stalls just beside the Charminar gate

mar 20 1219 fruit

Then my camera battery died

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