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October 3, 2011:Sunrise and lunch at Papaji Ka Dhaba,

Sunrise was ok - lots of haze and mist. Birds anticipated and were finished with their morning exercise before the sun said hello

oct 03 2576 sunrise begin

Skyline and sun

oct 03 2579 sunrise skyline

Sunrise birds

oct 03 2586 sunrise birds

Later sunrise

oct 03 2602 sunrise

Full sunrise

oct 03 2630 sunrise full

Now the fun part. Last visit, we went to Papaje Ka Dhaba's for lunch. Totally amazing Punjabi food. So this time I took my camera to catch the kitchen action. - Outside our workplace was a cart of colorful veges

oct 02 2636 colorful veges

Walking along the way were protesters. Into day 21 of the protest (strike). So no power from 10 --> 2pm. We left for lunch about 12:30 and arrived back after 2pm. So no lift - and walking to level 6 of the building - back to the office

oct 03 2646 protest

Colorful peas for sale

oct 03 2654 colorful peas

Here is Papaje Ka Dhaba's place

oct 03 2661 papaji ka dhaba restaurant

Making Roti

oct 03 2668 making rotti

Our waiter

oct 03 2682 waiter

The menu and cashier's place

oct 03 2686 menu

The kitchen

oct 03 2689 kitchen

The back area has several tandoori ovens

oct 03 2690 tandoori kitchen

Tandoori oven with chicken

oct 03 2692 tandoori oven chicken

Tandoori Chicken

oct 03 2693 tandoori chicken

Tandoori fire

oct 03 2696 tandoori fire

Cooking roti

oct 03 2697 roti

Chicken tikka, Onion and Lime (our appetizer)

oct 03 2699 chicken tikka onion lime

Walking back

oct 03 2714 walking back

Washing hands

oct 03 2721 washing hands

A push cart

oct 03 2729 push cart

Tea stall

oct 03 2735 tea stall

And the the colorful vege cart we started with

oct 03 2741 colorful veges

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