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October 28, 2006: Sungei Buloh

For me the downside of living in Singapore is wall to wall people. But the upside is that there are many quiet places in and around Singapore which provides the requisite therapy. One of those places is Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserves. Filled with amazing wildlife - it is the perfect escape for me, camera and tripod.

Sungei Buloh - a pleasant escape

Sungei Buloh

Here is Nephila maculata - dorsal presentation

oct 28 0456 nephila dorsal

Ventral presentation

oct 28 0092 thorax

Dorsal presentation with flash

oct 29 0477 nephila

Ventral presentation with flash (an experiment)

oct 28 0442 nephila ventral flash

another experiment with flash

oct 29 0479 ventral

A monitor lizard headed the other way

oct 28 0030 lizard

Here, just chillin' a bit

oct 28 0273 lizard

With forked tongue

oct 28 0290 lizard tongue

and a face

oct 28 0348 lizard face


oct 29 0563 heron

A lot of mangrove flowers and here with a bee

oct 28 0205 flower bee

Another view - different flower

oct 28 0215 yellow flower

A pink sort of backbone for a mangrove flower

oct 28 0327 pink flower

An egret

oct 28 0408 egret

and jumping fish

oct 29 0580 jumping fish

and even talking fish

oct 29 0546 talking fish

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